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Sell Galaxy S9

At Checkout you can choose either a Mailed Check, Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Gift Card, LTC, ETH, or BTC

       GizmoJoy is the best place to sell your iPhone, or any phone for that matter. We offer a simple system for our customers who want to sell their used or broken device. Just get an offer, receive your prepaid box, send it back with a free prepaid label, and thats it. We send your payment within one business day of receiving your device. 

     Gizmojoy’s goal is to put money in your pocket, without wasting any of your time. We like to think of ourselves as the exact opposite of craigslist. 

Yes! We have an amazing team of technicians which allows us to take in devices in any condition. 

The only devices we do not buy are iCloud locked devices. 

With GizmoJoy you can sell iPhones, samsung phones, other smartphones, ipods, cameras, tablets, kindle, iPads, graphing calculators, handheld gaming devices, smartwatches, and more.

Add as many devices to your cart to sell as you want, we will send you the perfect box for it all.

How Do I Sell My Galaxy S9?

Get an Offer

Select the carrier for your device above to get started on your offer. Once you accept and Checkout we will have a prepaid box sent to you with a prepaid return label.

Get Your GizmoBox

We ship right away, so your box will get to you quick. Make sure your devices are erased and place them inside, then simply affix the prepaid return label to the top.

Send It In

After your device is packaged with the free prepaid return label on top, Simply send it back to us. We start our inspection as soon as it arrives.

Get Paid

After condition is confirmed, we send out payment using the method you chose during checkout. You will receive payment within 1 business day.

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Choose from eight different payout options.

Get an extra 2% when you sell Samsung Galaxy S9 for bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum.

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Why Choose GizmoJoy To Sell My Galaxy S9?


We keep a close eye on our competition to make sure you get the best price.

Risk Free

Returns are always free. It never costs you anything to send us your device.


Our technicians are professional and supervised, Your information is never at risk.


The quote is free, the Shipping is free. We make sure you get the most cash without wasting any of your time.

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Meet The Team

At GizmoJoy, we see value in cash and cryptocurrency alike. However, we believe the most valuable resource in the world is our time. This is why we built our company not just around putting more money in your pocket, but also saving you time.

Don't Just Take it From Us.

Join the thousands of people selling their electronics with GizmoJoy is making it easier than ever to sell your phone or other electronics instantly. We take out all the hassle that comes with selling your devices. No more no shows, no more constant haggling, no more scams, and no more theft. It is our mission to make the selling process as safe and user friendly as possible, stop wasting time and risking your safety with craigslist and other marketplaces, and make GizmoJoy your one and only stop.

My old iPhone was just sitting in a junk drawer, I would have never sold it if GizmoJoy didn't make it this easy. I had no idea I could sell my phone for this much. Thanks GizmoJoy 🙂
Pheonix, AZ
Tried selling my iPhone locally, got stood up twice and I was so tired of it. I found GizmoJoy on Instagram and sold my phone in like 60 seconds. Can't beat that. I'll be using GizmoJoy to sell my phones from now on.
San Antonio, TX
My son broke his phone a year ago and by chance we kept it. We found GizmoJoy and decided to get an offer, I can't believe I just got over $100 for a phone I thought was worthless.
Jacksonville, FL


Most frequent questions and answers

I know we are biased, but we think it’s the best. We built our customer service around how we would want to be treated. When you place an order, you immediately get a single dedicated customer service representative you can text or call every day of the week. They will keep you updated on the status of your order, answer all your questions, and they have complete power over your order, payments, and shipping, so you never have to get transferred.

All of our agents are experts located in our main office in Jacksonville, FL.

Calling hours are 11am-4pm EST

Texting hours are 24/7

Seriously, do not hesitate to text us any time of day, any day of the week. All of our customer service agents are part owners of, so we are all completely dedicated to making sure you have a great experience, and we are truly excited to interact with our customers.

Add the devices you would like to sell to your box and proceed to checkout. Customers can choose between 8 different payout methods. (Paypal, Venmo, Mailed Check, Cash App, Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin)

Absolutely not, we never even ask for any payment information from you. The payout information you give us can only be used for us to send money, it is not possible for you to be charged. 

You will receive your prepaid box in just 2-3 business days after placing your order. Payment is sent out within 1 business day after we receive the device.

This is no big deal, sometimes it works out in your favor and we need to offer you more for your device. We simply contact you and let you know what is going on. Sometimes we need to change the offer to fit your phones actual criteria, when this happens we ask for your approval for the new amount, if you do not accept we simply send your device back that same day.

NO, please do not send us iCloud locked devices. We have found the majority of the iCloud locked devices we have been sent are lost or stolen phones, which is against our policy and also the law. Consequently we no longer pay for iCloud locked devices until further notice. If you are stuck with a phone that is iCloud locked that does belong to you, call apple support and they will assist you in removing it.